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About Me

I am a Dubai born UK trained General Practitioner Physician based in Harley Street, London. I have 15+ years of GP expertise with multi-Sector experience in the Public (NHS), Private (Harley Street), Corporate Wellness & Telemedicine sectors.

I have extensive experience in Women’s health & Internal Medicine with a Special Interest in Lifestyle Medicine, Menopause, ADHD and Holistic Health.

Working in a cultural melting pot like London, I have worked with people from a multitude of international backgrounds who hold diverse cultural values and expectations, in a variety of settings.


Dr Susan Varghese

Although I am a doctor, first and foremost, I am a woman in her mid-40s who found herself a few years ago in a completely alien and scary place battling weight gain, acne, thinning hair, mood swings and brain fog, navigating what was unknown to me then was a combination of undiagnosed ADHD and Perimenopause. From my personal first-hand experience, I know how this can severely impact your personal and work life, your body and mind.

My Special Interest is in Women’s Health, especially professional women in their 40s and 50s entering a double whammy phase of ADHD and Perimenopause to eventually get you the help you need using an Evidence- Based Holistic Lifestyle approach.

Dr Susan Varghese

Here is what others who have worked with me have to say:

Dr Susan Varghese is an outstanding doctor. She listens, she is caring, she is experienced, and she is consummately professional. And she is great at diagnosis and then knows exactly which specialist is best to refer you to– Louise Cox Chester, managing Director, Potential Project UK, Founder of Mindfulness at Work Ltd, UK.

Susan always receives exceptional feedback from her clients and adds a huge amount of value to the team with her professional and skilled approachJoe Huggon, Senior Health and Wellbeing Physiologist, Nuffield Health, London.

Susan is an exceptional GP and gold dust! Her history taking, examination and documentation is thorough, and her diagnoses and intuition is spot on. She is also extremely talented in her communication and ability to adapt to the situation and the patient and thus, able to establish excellent rapport with her patients even in challenging presentations- Wendy McKnight, Daily Mail Group of companies, London.

Here is what some of my clients have to say:

“Dr Susan Varghese was a brilliant doctor – very efficient and friendly and put me at ease. Thank you for a brilliant consultation. “- SP, London

“Dr Varghese was extremely patient and approachable and I would be very happy to see her again. ” AL, London

“Dr. Susan Varghese is an utter professional but with a very human touch. Very easy to speak with, very understanding and helpful. I just wish all GPs could be like her! “Thank you, Dr. Susan”.”- KG, London